Brain-storming Workshop on

Quantum Computation, Information,
Communications and Cryptography

22-23 July 2017

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012

This workshop is organised by IISc, Bangalore, with support from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The field of Quantum Computation, Information, Communications and Cryptography has made explosive progress in recent years. It is an intensely pursued research area world-wide, because of its relevance to basic scientific research as well as its tremendous technological potential. The subject is interdisciplinary, its theoretical foundations are well-established, and it is poised to develop revolutionary quantum devices in state-of-the-art facilities.

Dedicated research centres in the field have been established world-wide, in leading universities as well as in top-notch IT companies. Some examples are: MIT (USA), YQI (Yale, USA), Princeton (USA), IQIM (Caltech, USA), Simons Institute (Berkeley, USA), Station Q (Santa Barbara, USA), ETH (Switzerland), QuTech (Delft, The Netherlands), CQIF (Oxford, UK), CQT (Singapore), IQC (Waterloo, Canada), NII (Tokyo, Japan), CQC$^2$T (Australia). There are dedicated research laboratories in China too, and they have reached the top level in quantum communication technology (e.g. quantum communications satellite Micius). Major IT companies, such as IBM, Google, Microsoft and Intel, heavily support some of these centres. Several commercial companies have started dedicated in-house research as well (e.g. ID Quantique cryptosystems, IBM Quantum Experience, Google's Quantum Supremacy chip, Rigetti quantum computing service and quantum IC fab), parts of which have been made even freely accessible to public.

The Indian research effort in this field is limited on the theoretical side, and severely lacking on the experimental side. The proposed workshop would be a first step to correct this shortcoming, aiming quickly to catch up with the international level and then go beyond. The specific objectives are:

This is not a regular academic meeting. Participation is by invitation.

Physical Sciences Building, Indian Institute of Science.
Here is a Google map of IISc and surroundings.

The tentative timetable of the workshop is here.


Accommodation for "all outstation participants" is at the IISc Centenary Visitors House (marked on the map):
It is in the north-east corner of IISc campus, near the M.S. Ramaiah Hospital gate.
Phone: (080)2293-3500 (Reception)

The default accommodation arrangement is from 21 July afternoon till 24 July morning.
For any other requirement, please inform the organisers.

The registration will be at the meeting venue, on 22 July at 9am.

Places in the IISc campus are within walking distance.

Metered taxis are available for travel between the airport and IISc.
At the airport, the taxi stand is on the left hand side after exit from the airport building.
From IISc, taxis can be easily booked using mobile phones (our student volunteers can help).

Lunch, dinner and refreshments will be provided at the meeting venue.
Breakfast will be provided in the IISc Centenary Visitors House
for participants staying there.

Organising Committee:
Apoorva Patel (IISc, Bangalore)
R. Vijayaraghavan (TIFR, Mumbai)
Vibhor Singh (IISc, Bangalore)
T. Srinivas (IISc, Bangalore)
Shayan Garani (IISc, Bangalore)

Contact Address:
Centre for High Energy Physics
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560012, India
E-mail: adpatel [AT]

Last modified: 20 July 2017