22-24 October 2014

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012

This meeting is organised by the Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Computation, IISc, Bangalore.

The focus of the meeting will be on methods and results for quantum measurements and their physical understanding, covering theoretical as well as experimental aspects. These include:

The poster for the meeting is here.

All the abstracts for the talks and posters are here.

The group photograph for the meeting is here.

Participation is by invitation.
Deadline for applying to the organisers: 1 September 2014
Deadline for title/abstract submission: 7 September 2014

Those interested should e-mail the organisers with the subject field "Participation in DMQM2014". If they wish to make a presentation of their work with a direct bearing on the topics of the meeting, they should send a title plus abstract.

Postdocs and students are encouraged for poster presentations. Their applications should include their CV, a recommendation letter and title plus abstract for a poster.

Patrick Dasgupta (Delhi University)
Sushanta Dattagupta (Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan)
Michel Devoret (Yale University, USA)
Keiichi Edamatsu (Tohoku University, Japan)
Anupam Garg (Northwestern University, USA)
Saikat Ghosh (IIT, Kanpur)
N D Hari Dass (CMI, Chennai)
Yuji Hasegawa (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
Dipankar Home (Bose Institute, Kolkata)
Navin Khaneja (Harvard University, USA)
Deepak Kumar (JNU, New Delhi)
T S Mahesh (IISER, Pune)
Prabha Mandayam (IIT-Madras, Chennai)
Andal Narayanan (RRI, Bangalore)
Masanao Ozawa (Nagoya University, Japan)
Apoorva Patel (IISc, Bangalore)
Tabish Qureshi (Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi)
S M Roy (HBCSE, TIFR, Mumbai)
Joseph Samuel (RRI, Bangalore)
Anil Shaji (IISER, Thiruvananthapuram)
Pragya Shukla (IIT, Kharagpur)
M D Srinivas (Centre for Policy Studies, Chennai)
C S Unnikrishnan (TIFR, Mumbai)
A.R. Usha Devi (Bangalore University)
Rajamani Vijayaraghavan (TIFR, Mumbai)

Auditorium, Physical Sciences Building, Indian Institute of Science.
Here is a Google map of IISc and surroundings.

The tentative timetable of the meeting is as follows:
22 October, 23 October, 24 October.

The poster sessions will be in the evenings on 22 and 23 October 2014.
The starndard poster size is A0 (70cms x 140cms).

The list of participants accommodated in various guest houses is here.

IISc Guest House (marked on the map)
Contact No.: (080)2293-2311 (Reception)

IISc Centenary Visitors House (marked on the map):
It is in the north-east corner of IISc campus, near the M.S. Ramaiah Hospital gate.
Contact No.: (080)2293-3500 (Reception)

Indian Academy of Sciences Jalahalli Guest House (about 6 kms from IISc campus, marked here):
Next to ISRO Housing Colony, Near HMT school, Jalahalli West, Bangalore-560031.
Contact Nos.: (080)2838-1934 (Reception), 94485-06960 (Mr. Gangadhar), 94482-24276 (Mr. Ravindra)

The default accommodation arrangement is from 21 October afternoon till 25 October morning.
For any other requirement, please inform the organisers.

The registration and reception will be at the meeting venue at 18:00 on 21 October, followed by dinner.
Registration will continue at 9:00 on 22 October for the participants arriving later.

Places in the IISc campus are within walking distance.
Transport by bus will be arranged between IAS Jalahalli Guest House and IISc.
(Departure from Jalahalli guest house to IISc: 8:30 on 22,23,24 October)
(Departure from IISc to Jalahalli guest house: 21:00 on 21,22,23,24 October)

Lunch, dinner and refreshments will be provided at the meeting venue.
Breakfast will be provided in the IISc guest house and the IISc Centenary Visitors House
for participants staying there. For all the others, breakfast will be provided at the meeting venue.

The banquet will be on the lawns of Jawahar Visitors House on the IISc campus, at 19:30 on 23 October.

General Information: Click for some useful tips (visa, travel etc.).

Organising Committee:
N D Hari Dass (CMI, Chennai), Chairman. Phone: +91 94455 47639 (mobile)
Dipankar Home (Bose Institute, Kolkata)
Anil Kumar (IISc, Bangalore), Convener. Phone: +91 98454 21938 (mobile)
T S Mahesh (IISER, Pune)
Archan S Majumdar (SNBNCBS, Kolkata)
Kota Murali (IBM, Bangalore)
Apoorva Patel (IISc, Bangalore)
Arun K Pati (HRI, Allahabad)
R Simon (IMSc, Chennai)
Urbasi Sinha (RRI, Bangalore)
Rajamani Vijayaraghavan (TIFR, Mumbai)

Contact Address:
CQIQC, Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560012, India
E-mail: dmqm2014 [AT] cts.iisc.ernet.in

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Last modified: 20 October 2014