The proceedings of Lattice 2000 will be published by Elsevier. The latex manuscript preparation format will be the same as in previous years. The files in the "espcrc2" package can be downloaded from here (latest version 2.8, July 2000):

We will accept manuscripts in electronic version only, for both text and figures. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 1 November 2000.

We request you to submit your completed manuscripts to hep-lat at, and we will pick them up from there. You should send the properly filled copyright transfer and off-print order forms by ordinary post to us at: Lattice 2000, CTS, IISc, Bangalore-560012, India. (You can send them to us even before you submit your manuscript and avoid unnecessary postal delay. Off-print order form is not necessary if you are satisfied with the 25 free copies.)

The submissions to hep-lat at should have the label: Lattice 2000 (subject), as part of the "comments" field. The subject should be any one of the following, as per the symposium programme (posters should also be labeled by one of these subjects appropriately).

The number of pages allocated for different contributions are:

In case you use different format (or number of pages) for submission to hep-lat than the one required for the proceedings, please send us (by e-mail) a version which conforms to the official proceedings format. Those who make coloured figures should especially note this point. We request them to send us black-and-white versions of the figures. The reason is that coloured figures are too expensive to reproduce in the proceedings---700 Dutch guilders per page. Unless the authors pick up this extra cost, we cannot include coloured pages in the proceedings.

Current Status

Manuscripts originally expected: 169

Authors opted out: 6

Dropped (no response from author): 4

Manuscripts collected (27 Nov 2000): 159

Copyright transfer forms received so far (31 Jan 2001): 137+22

The full set of manuscripts were sent to Elsevier on 27 November 2000. Proceedings are expected to be published at the end of February 2001.

Last modified: 31 January 2001 Tanmoy Bhattacharya