AuditoriumHall AHall BHall C CSIC
Aug 17 14:00-15:40 Spectrum I Finite Temp. I Algorithms Gravity I
Aug 17 16:10-17:50 ---- Finite Temp. II Spectrum II Gravity II
Aug 18 14:00-15:40 HME I Finite Density Improvement I Topology I
Aug 18 16:10-17:50 HME II Chiral Gauge Improvement II Topology II
Aug 20 14:00-15:20 HME III HQP I Gauge Theories SUSY
Aug 20 16:00-18:00 ---- SPECIAL SESSION ON COMPUTERS ----
Aug 20 18:00-19:00 ---- POSTER SESSION ----
Aug 21 14:00-15:40 ---- Chiral Fermion I Topology III Spin Models HQP II
Aug 21 16:10-17:50 ---- Chiral Fermion II Confinement Pert. Theory HQP III


All parallel talks are 17+3 minutes long. Each session can have 5 talks.

The sessions have been organized to satisfy fidelity of content, requests by the authors, and to minimize the number of sessions.

The main auditorium is not available for some afternoon slots due to arrangements for cultural programmes. The use of CSIC auditorium, which is in an adjacent but separate building is minimised.


SESSION 1: Aug 17 14:00-15:40, Auditorium.     Chair: K. Kanaya

Matthew Wingate (abstract) [RBC Collaboration]
Light hadronic physics using domain wall fermions in quenched lattice QCD
Hinnerk Stüben (abstract) [QCDSF and UKQCD]
Hadron masses from dynamical, non-perturbatively O(a) improved Wilson Fermions
Dirk Pleiter (abstract) [QCDSF and UKQCD]
Light quark masses for dynamical, non-perturbatively O(a) improved Wilson fermions
Rudolf Burkhalter (abstract) [CP-PACS collaboration: A. Ali Khan, S. Aoki, R. Burkhalter, S. Ejiri, M. Fukugita, S. Hashimoto, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, Y. Kuramashi, T. Manke, K. Nagai, M. Okawa, H.P. Shanahan, A. Ukawa, T. Yoshié ]
Full QCD light hadron spectrum and quark masses: final results from CP-PACS
Takashi Kaneko (abstract) [JLQCD collaboration: S. Aoki, R. Burkhalter, M. Fukugita, S. Hashimoto, K.-I. Ishikawa, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, Y. Kuramashi, M. Okawa, T. Onogi, S. Tominaga, N. Tsutsui, A. Ukawa, N. Yamada, and T. Yoshié. ]
Light hadron spectrum and quark masses in two-flavor full QCD with non-perturbatively $O(a)$ improved Wilson quark action

SESSION 2: Aug 17 16:10-17:50, Hall B.     Chair: S.G. Rajeev

Alan Irving (abstract) [UKQCD Collaboration]
Effects of non-perturbatively-improved dynamical fermions in UKQCD simulations.
Frank Xiaodong Lee (abstract) [Lattice Hadron Physics Collaboration]
N* Spectroscopy from an Anisotropic Action
David Graham Richards (abstract)
The Calculation of the N* Spectrum in Lattice QCD
Elizabeth Jenkins (abstract)
Baryon Masses in the $1/N_c$ Expansion
Apoorva Patel (abstract)
A Derivation of Regge Trajectories in Large-Nc QCD


SESSION 1: Aug 18 14:00-15:40, Auditorium.     Chair: M. Creutz

Guido Martinelli (abstract) [Damir Becirevic Philippe Boucaud Vicente Gimenez David Lin Vittorio Lubicz Davide Meloni Jack Micheli Mauro Papinutto Federico Rapuano Aalessandra Retico Chris Sachrajda]
New Ape Results in Kaon Physics
Yusuke Taniguchi (abstract) [CP-PACS Collaboration : A. Ali Khan, S. Aoki, Y. Aoki, R. Burkhalter, S. Ejiri, M. Fukugita, S. Hashimoto, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, T. Izubuchi, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, Y. Kuramashi, T. Manke, K. I. Nagai, J. Noaki, M. Okawa, H.P. Shanahan, A. Ukawa and T. Yoshié ]
Kaon B parameter from the quenched domain-wall QCD
Junichi Noaki (abstract) [CP-PACS collaboration: A. Ali Khan, S. Aoki, Y. Aoki, R. Burkhalter, S. Ejiri, M. Fukugita, S. Hashimoto, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, T. Izubuchi, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, Y. Kuramashi, T. Manke, K. Nagai,J. Noaki, M. Okawa, H.P. Shanahan, Y. Taniguchi, A. Ukawa, and T. Yoshié ]
Calculation of $K\rightarrow \pi$ matrix elements in quenched domain-wall QCD
Thomas Blum (abstract) [RBC Collaboration]
$K \rightarrow \pi \pi$ decays with domain wall fermions: lattice matrix elements
Robert Mawhinney (abstract) [RBC Collaboration Talk should follow talk of Tom Blum]
$K \rightarrow \pi \pi$ decays with domain wall fermions: physical results

SESSION 2: Aug 18 16:10-17:50, Auditorium.     Chair: K. Schilling

John Negele (abstract) [Stefano Capitani, Dmitri Dolgov]
Moments of Structure Functions in Full QCD
Meinulf Goeckeler (abstract) [S. Capitani, R. Horsley, B. Klaus, W. Kuerzinger, D. Petters, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, S. Schaefer, A. Schaefer]
Four-quark operators in hadrons
Roger Horsley (abstract) [QCDSF and UKQCD]
Nucleon matrix elements for non-perturbatively O(a) improved Wilson fermions
Shigemi Ohta (abstract) [Tom Blum, Shoichi Sasaki and RIKEN-BNL-Columbia-KEK collaboration]
Domain wall fermion calculation of the nucleon axial vector coupling gA
Sarada Gangadharan Rajeev (abstract) [Govind Krishnaswami]
Deep Inelastic Structure Functions from Collinear QCD

SESSION 3: Aug 20 14:00-15:20, Auditorium.     Chair: K.-F. Liu

Nilmani Mathur (abstract) [Shao-Jing Dong (University of Kentucky), Keh-Fei Liu (University of Kentucky)]
Strange magnetic moment of the nucleon from Lattice QCD
Walter Wilcox (abstract)
Disconnected Electromagnetic Form Factors
Uwe-Jens Wiese (abstract) [Shailesh Chandrasekharan]
SO(10) Unification of Color Superconductivity and Chiral Symmetry Breaking?


SESSION 1: Aug 20 14:00-15:20, Hall A.     Chair: C. Davies

Junko Shigemitsu (abstract) [in collaboration with, S.Collins, C.Davies, J.Hein, R.Horgan, P.Lepage.]
Can One Study Heavy Meson Semileptonic Decays on Coarse Anisotropic Lattices ?
Tetsuya Onogi (abstract) [S.Aoki, M.Fukugita, S.Hashimoto, K-I.Ishikawa, N.Ishizuka, Y.Iwasaki, K.Kanaya, T.Kaneda, S.Kaya, Y.Kuramashi, M.Okawa, T.Onogi, S. Tominaga, N.Tsutsui, A.Ukawa, N.Yamada, T.Yoshie /JLQCD collaboration ]
Differential Decay Rate for B to pi l nu with NRQCD
Damir Becirevic (abstract) [APE]
APE results on decay constants, heavy-> light form factors and the matrix elements of delta B=2 and delta B=0, 4-fermion operators
Norikazu Yamada (abstract) [S. Aoki, M. Fukugita, S. Hashimoto, K-I. Ishikawa, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneda S. Kaya, Y. Kuramashi, M. Okawa, T. Onogi, S. Tominaga, N. Tsutsui, A. Ukawa, N. Yamada, T. Yoshié /JLQCD Collaboration]
$B0$-$\bar{B}0$ mixing with quenched lattice NRQCD

SESSION 2: Aug 21 14:00-15:40, CSIC Auditorium.     Chair: T. Onogi

Juan Reyes Gamez (abstract) [Vicent Gimenez Gomez]
Bs-Meson width difference from lattice HQET
Arifa Ali Khan (abstract) [CP-PACS collaboration: A. Ali Khan, S. Aoki, R. Burkhalter, S. Ejiri, M. Fukugita, S. Hashimoto, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, Y. Kuramashi, T. Manke, K. Nagai, M. Okamoto, M. Okawa, H.P. Shanahan, A. Ukawa, T. Yoshié]
B Meson Decay Constants in Nf = 2 Full QCD from CP-PACS - A parallel study with NRQCD and clover heavy quark actions
Christopher Michael Maynard (abstract) [UKQCD collaboration. K.C. Bowler, L. Del Debbio, J.M. Flynn, G.N. Lacagnina, L. Lellouch, V.I. Lesk, C.M. Maynard, J. Nieves, D.G. Richards.]
Decays of Heavy-light mesons on the lattice
Saumen Datta (abstract) [The MILC Collaboration (C. Bernard, S. Datta, T. DeGrand, C. DeTar, S. Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J. Hetrick, C. McNeile, K. Orginos, R. Sugar, D. Toussaint.)]
$fB$ for Various Actions : Approaching the Continuum Limit with Dynamical Fermions
Somasundaram Arunagiri (abstract) [ ]
On the short distance nonperturbative corrections in heavy quark expansion

SESSION 3: Aug 21 16:10-17:50, CSIC Auditorium.     Chair: A. Ali Khan

Randy Lewis (abstract) [R. M. Woloshyn]
Heavy-light meson spectrum with and without NRQCD
Christine Davies (abstract) [Laurence Marcantonio, Peter Boyle, Joachim Hein, Junko Shigemitsu UKQCD collaboration]
Upsilon spectrum and alphas from dynamical configurations
Christopher Robert Stewart (abstract) [Roman Koniuk]
Unquenched Charmonium with Lattice NRQCD
Masataka Okamoto (abstract) [CP-PACS collaboration: A. Ali Khan, S. Aoki, R. Burkhalter, S. Ejiri, M. Fukugita, S. Hashimoto, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, Y. Kuramashi, T. Manke, K. Nagai, M. Okamoto, M. Okawa, H.P. Shanahan, Y. Taniguchi, A. Ukawa, T. Yoshié ]
Quenched charmonium spectrum on anisotropic lattices
Thomas Manke (abstract) [Columbia: P.Chen, X. Liao, T. Klassen]
Exotic Hybrids from Anisotropic Lattices


SESSION 1: Aug 18 14:00-15:40, Hall B.     Chair: M. Okawa

Urs Wenger (abstract) [Ferenc Niedermayer, Philipp Ruefenacht]
Fixed Point Actions: Scaling Properties and Glueball Masses
Philipp Rüfenacht (abstract) [U. Wenger ]
A Perfect Gauge Action on Anisotropic Lattices
Kieran Michael Holland (abstract) [P. Hasenfratz, S. Hauswirth, T. Jorg, F. Niedermayer, P. Ruefenacht, U. Wenger ]
Progress on Fixed-Point fermions

SESSION 2: Aug 18 16:10-17:50, Hall B.     Chair: G. Rossi

Yuriy Zhestkov (abstract) [RIKEN-BNL-Columbia Collaboration]
Domain Wall Fermion Study of Non-perturbative Renormalization of Quark Bilinears with Scaling
Christopher Dawson (abstract) [RBC Collaboration]
Non-Perturbative Renormalisation with Domain Wall Fermions
Tanmoy Bhattacharya (abstract) [Rajan Gupta, Weonjong Lee, Stephen Sharpe]
Rajan Gupta (abstract) [Tanmoy Bhattacharya, Weonjong Lee, Stephen Sharpe]


SESSION 1: Aug 18 16:10-17:50, Hall A.     Chair: F. Niedermeyer

Asit Kumar De (abstract) [S. Basak]
Chiral gauge theory with gauge-fixed domain wall fermion at small Yukawa coupling $y$
Subhasish Basak (abstract) [Asit K. De]
$U(1)$ chiral gauge theory with gauge-fixed domain wall fermions - perturbation theory and numerical results at Yukawa coupling $y=1$
She-Sheng Xue (abstract)
The Standard model on a lattice
Gerrit Schierholz (abstract)
Is the chiral U(1) theory trivial?


SESSION 2: Aug 20 14:00-15:20, Hall B.     Chair: E. Seiler

P. Mitra (abstract)
Theories with global gauge anomalies on the lattice
Pasquale Sodano (abstract) [M.C. Diamantini and F. Berruto]
Lattice Chern Simons Gauge Theories
Guido Arnold (abstract) [Th. Lippert, Th. Neuhaus, K. Schilling ]
Finite Size Scaling in Compact QED
R. Parthasarathy (abstract)


SESSION 1: Aug 21 14:00-15:40, Hall A.     Chair: A. Slavnov

Kei-ichi Nagai (abstract) [CP-PACS collaboration: A. Ali Khan, S. Aoki, Y. Aoki, R. Burkhalter, S. Ejiri, M. Fukugita, S. Hashimoto, N. Ishizuka, Y. Iwasaki, T. Izubuchi, K. Kanaya, T. Kaneko, Y. Kuramashi, T. Manke, K.-i. Nagai, J. Noaki, M. Okawa, H.P. Shanahan, Y. Taniguchi, A. Ukawa, T. Yoshié ]
Eigenvalues of the hermitian Wilson-Dirac operator and chiral properties of the domain-wall fermion
Urs Heller (abstract) [Robert G. Edwards ]
Exact Chiral Symmetry for Domain Wall Fermions with Finite $Ls$
Chulwoo Jung (abstract) [Valeriya Gadiyak/ University of Maryland Xiangdong Ji/ University of Maryland]
Residual chiral symmetry breaking in Domain-wall Fermions
Lingling Wu (abstract) [RIKEN-BNL-Columbia Collaboration]
Chiral Symmetry Breaking for Domain Wall Fermions in Quenched Lattice QCD
Keh-Fei Liu (abstract) [S.J. Dong, F.X. Lee, and J.B. Zhang]
Study of Overlap Fermions

SESSION 2: Aug 21 16:10-17:50, Hall A.     Chair: U. Heller

Andrey Slavnov (abstract) [no]
Chiral symmetry in lattice QCD
Sergio Caracciolo (abstract) [Fabrizio Palumbo and Roberto Scimia]
Lattice QCD and chiral mesons
Leonardo Giusti (abstract) [Ch. Hoelbling, C. Rebbi ]
Numerical Implementations of the Overlap-Dirac Operator
Ting-Wai Chiu (abstract)
Ginsparg-Wilson relation with $ R = ( a \gamma5 D )2k $


SESSION 1: Aug 20 14:00-15:20, Hall C.     Chair: M. Goeckeler

Federico Farchioni (abstract) [F. Farchioni, A. Feo, T. Galla, C. Gebert, R. Kirchner, I. Montvay, G. Muenster, A. Vladikas.]
Verifying the supersymmetric Ward identities on the lattice
Feo Alessandra (abstract) [DESY-Muenster Collaboration F. Farchioni, A. Feo, T. Galla, C. Gebert, R. Kirchner, I. Montvay, G. Muenster, A. Vladikas ]
On the 1-loop lattice perturbation theory of the supersymmetric Ward identity
Wolfgang Bietenholz (abstract) [J. Ambjorn, K.N. Anagnostopoulos, T. Hotta and J. Nishimura]
Supersymmetric large N reduced models


SESSION 1: Aug 17 14:00-15:40, Hall A.     Chair: A. Nakamura

Sourendu Gupta (abstract) [R. V. Gavai]
Fermions obstruct dimensional reduction in hot QCD
Michael Mueller-Preussker (abstract) [E.-M. Ilgenfritz, B. Martemyanov, A. Veselov]
SU(2) lattice gauge theory at T > 0 with fixed holonomy boundary conditions
Sanatan Digal (abstract) [Edwin Laermann and Helmut Satz]
Deconfinement through Chiral Symmetry Restoration in Two-Flavour QCD
Santo Fortunato (abstract) [Prof. Helmut Satz (Bielefeld University) ]
Polyakov Loop Percolation in SU(2) Gauge Theory
Michael Charles Ogilvie (abstract) [Travis Miller]
Spinodal Decomposition in Finite Temperature SU(2) and SU(3)

SESSION 2: Aug 17 16:10-17:50, Hall A.     Chair: C. DeTar

Takashi Umeda (abstract) [R. Katayama, H. Matsufuru, O. Miyamura]
Charmonium physics at finite temperature on anisotropic lattice
Manfred Oevers (abstract)
Towards the application of the Maximum Entropy Method to finite temperature Upsilon spectroscopy
Frithjof Karsch (abstract) [E. Laermann, A. Peikert, Ch. Schmidt and S. Stickan]
Flavor and Quark Mass Dependence of QCD Thermodynamics
George T. Fleming (abstract)
Thermodynamics of free domain wall and overlap fermions
Jeroen C. Vink (abstract) [Mischa Sall'e and Jan Smit ]
Finite temperature simulations from real time quantum field dynamics?


SESSION 1: Aug 18 14:00-15:40, Hall A.     Chair: U.-J. Wiese

Atsushi Nakamura (abstract) [O. Miyamura, S. Muroya, and C. Nonaka]
Monte Carlo Study of Two-Color QCD with Finite Chemical Potential
Donald Keith Sinclair (abstract) [J. B. Kogut S. Hands ]
2 colour QCD at finite quark number density and related theories.
Harald Markum (abstract) [E. Bittner, M.-P. Lombardo, R. Pullirsch ]
Dirac Spectrum in Two Color QCD with Chemical Potential
Luigi Scorzato (abstract) [Simon Hands, Istvan Montvay, Susan Morrison, Manfred Oevers, Jonivar Skullerud. ]
Numerical study of dense adjoint 2 color matter
Jonivar Skullerud (abstract) [Simon Hands, Istvan Montvay, Susan Morrison, Manfred Oevers, Luigi Scorzato]
Numerical study of dense adjoint 2 color matter


SESSION 1: Aug 21 16:10-17:50, Hall B.     Chair: J. Stack

Richard Haymaker (abstract) [Andrei Alexandru]
Flux Distributions in Z(2) X SO(3) Lattice Gauge Theory
Carleton DeTar (abstract) [(MILC Collaboration) C. Bernard, S. Gottlieb, U. Heller, J. Hetrick, P. Lacock, K. Orginos, R. Sugar, and D. Toussaint ]
Zero Temperature String Breaking with Dynamical Staggered Fermions
Ferdinando Gliozzi (abstract)
Some universal properties of the string breaking
Hideo Matsufuru (abstract) [Y. Nemoto, H. Suganuma, T.T. Takahashi and T. Umeda ]
Static three quark potential in the quenched lattice QCD
Klaus Schilling (abstract) [B. Bolder, T. Struckman, G.S. Bali, N. Eicker, Th. Lippert, B. Orth, P. Ueberholz SESAM - TXL Collaboration]
High Precision Study of the QQ(bar) Potential in the String Breaking Regime -- from Wilson Loops in Full QCD


SESSION 1: Aug 18 14:00-15:40, Hall C.     Chair: R. Haymaker

Viorel Andrei Alexandru (abstract) [Richard W. Haymaker]
Vortices in SO(3) X Z(2) simulations
Srinath Cheluvaraja (abstract)
Vortices in SU(2) lattice gauge theory
Adriano Di Giacomo (abstract) [L.Del Debbio ,B. Lucini]
Vortices versus monopoles in colour confinement
Roman Bertle (abstract) [Manfried Faber Jeff Greensite Stefan Olejnik ]
Center vortices in maximal center gauge -- finite-size and gauge-copy effects
Jeffrey Greensite (abstract) [Manfried Faber and Stefan Olejnik]
Center Vortices at Strong Couplings

SESSION 2: Aug 18 16:10-17:50, Hall C.     Chair: T. Tomboulis

Fumiyoshi Shoji (abstract)
Gauge independence of abelian and monopole dominance
Leonardo Cosmai (abstract) [Paolo Cea]
Abelian monopoles in SU(2) and SU(3) vacuum
M.A.Zubkov (abstract) [B.L.G.Bakker A.I.Veselov]
The Simple Center Projection of the SU(2) gauge theory
Michele Pepe (abstract) [Philippe de Forcrand, Massimo D'Elia]
The interaction between center monopoles
Rajiv Gavai (abstract)
A smoother approach to scaling by suppressing monopoles and vortices

SESSION 3: Aug 21 14:00-15:40, Hall B.     Chair: J. Greensite

John D. Stack (abstract) [William W. Tucker and Alistair Hart]
Effects of Cooling and Gauge Copies on Monopoles and P-Vortices in SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory
Stephan Durr (abstract)
Lessons from scanning across all Leutwyler Smilga regimes
Philippe de Forcrand (abstract) [Michele Pepe (ETH Zurich)]
Laplacian (Landau) gauge and instantons
Hideo Nakajima (abstract) [Sadataka Furui, Azusa Yamaguchi]
Numerical studies of confinement in the lattice Landau gauge
Terry Tomboulis (abstract) [Tamas G. Kovacs]
Vortex structure of the vacuum and confinement


SESSION 1: Aug 17 14:00-15:40, Hall B.     Chair: I.-O. Stamatescu

Dean Junyuel Lee (abstract)
The method of quasi-sparse eigenvector diagonalization
Timour Bakeyev (abstract) [Philippe de Forcrand]
Noisy Monte Carlo algorithm revisited
Nikolai Zverev (abstract) [I. Bogolubsky, V. Mitrjushkin, M. Mueller-Preussker, N. Zverev]
Zero-momentum modes and chiral limit in compact lattice QED
Azusa Yamaguchi (abstract) [Hideo Nakajima]
The Landau gauge fixing in use of the Laplacian gauge fixing
Silvano Petrarca (abstract) [L.Giusti, M.L.Paciello, B. Taglienti]
Results on the Gluon Propagator in Covariant Gauges


SESSION 1: Aug 21 16:10-17:50, Hall C.     Chair: P. Mackenzie

Werner Kuerzinger (abstract)
Power corrections beyond OPE: The vacuum polarization
Francesco Di Renzo (abstract) [Luigi Scorzato]
Fermionic loops in Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory.
Keisuke Jimmy Juge (abstract) [P. B. Mackenzie H. D. Trottier N. H. Shakespeare ]
Two-loop Perturbative Quark Mass Renormalization from Large Beta Monte-Carlo
Erhard Seiler (abstract) [A. Patrascioiu]
Absence of Asymptotic Freedom in Non-Abelian Models
Ferenc Niedermayer (abstract) [Peter Hasenfratz]
Asymptotic freedom with discrete subgroups?


SESSION 1: Aug 21 14:00-15:40, Hall C.     Chair: J. Jersak

Massimo Campostrini (abstract) [Martin Hasenbusch Andrea Pelissetto Paolo Rossi Ettore Vicari]
Critical exponents and equation of state of three-dimensional spin models
Juergen Engels (abstract) [S. Holtmann, T. Mendes and T. Schulze]
A numerical study of Goldstone-mode effects and scaling functions of the three-dimensional O(2) model
James Clifton Osborn (abstract) [Shailesh Chandrasekharan]
Superconductivity with the Meron-Cluster Algorithm
Frank Brechtefeld (abstract) [U.-J. Wiese, J. Cox]
A Meron-cluster Solution for the Sign Problem of the 2D O(3) Model at \theta=\pi


SESSION 1: Aug 17 14:00-15:40, Hall C.     Chair: J. Wosiek

Hiroyuki Hagura (abstract)
Dynamical Regge calculus as lattice gravity
Jan Ambjorn (abstract) [R. Loll and J. Jurkiewicz]
Phase structure of 3d Lorentzian quantum gravity
Yukawa Tetsuyuki (abstract) [E.S.Egawa (Tokai Univ. Japan), S.Horata (KEK, Japan)]
Geometry of 4D Simplicial Quantum Gravity with U(1) Gauge Field
Roberto De Pietri (abstract)
Matrix model formulation of four dimensional gravity
Subrata Bal (abstract) [B. Sathiapalan]
High Temperature Limit of the N=2 Matrix Mode

SESSION 2: Aug 17 16:10-17:50, Hall C.     Chair: J. Ambjorn

Hiroyuki Takata (abstract)
Electro-Magnetic Duality in IIB Matrix Model with D3-brane
Jacek Wosiek (abstract) [Romuald A. Janik]
Towards the matrix model of M-theory on a lattice
Pushan Majumdar (abstract) [H.S.Sharatchandra ]
3+1 dimensional Yang-Mills theory as a local theory of evolution of metrics on 3-manifolds.
Gernot Akemann (abstract) [E. Kanzieper ]
Spectra of massive QCD Dirac Operators from Random Matrix Theory: all 3 XSB patterns


SPECIAL SESSION: Aug 20 16:00-18:00, Auditorium.     Co-ordinator: R. Gupta

Steven Gottlieb (abstract) [MILC] (16:00-16:30)
Comparing Clusters and Supercomputers for Lattice QCD
Federico Rapuano (abstract) [The APE Collaboration] (16:30-17:00)
Status and Prospects of the APE project(s)
Norman H. Christ (abstract) [Dong Chen, Zhihua Dong, Alan Gara, Robert Mawhinney, Shigemi Ohta, Tilo Wettig](17:00-17:30)
QCDOC: The Next Generation of Columbia Machine
Panel Discussion (17:30-18:00)
Gyan Bhanot, Steven Gottlieb, Rajan Gupta, Robert Mawhinney, Masanori Okawa, Federico Rapuano

POSTER SESSION [available board size: 86cms(horizontal) X 108cms(vertical)]

POSTER SESSION: Aug 20 18:00-19:00, Foyer

Bartolome Alles Salom (abstract) [M. D'Elia, M.P. Lombardo, M. Pepe]
Topology in full QCD with 2 colours at finite temperature and density
Wolfgang Bietenholz (abstract) [N. Eicker, I. Hip, Th. Lippert and K. Schilling]
Approximate Ginsparg-Wilson Fermions in QCD
Tanmoy Bhattacharya (abstract) [Rajan Gupta, Weonjong Lee]
Christine Davies (abstract) [Sara Collins, UKQCD collaboration]
A nonperturbative determination of c_A
Carleton DeTar (abstract) [(MILC Collaboration) Claude Bernard, Tom Burch, Thomas DeGrand, Steven Gottlieb, Urs Heller, James Hetrick, Kostas Orginos, Bob Sugar, Doug Toussaint ]
Three-Flavor Dynamical-Fermion Simulations with an Improved Staggered Fermion Algorithm
N.D. Hari Dass (abstract)
Quasi-local Update Algorithms for Numerical Simulations of d=3 SU(2) LGT in the Dual Formulation.
Simon Hauswirth (abstract)
Perfect Discretizations for Partial Differential Equations
Shinji Hioki (abstract) [QCDTARO collaboration Ph. de Forcrand, S.Hioki, Y.Liu, H.Matsufuru, O.Miyamura, A.Nakamura, I.O.Stamatescu, T.Takaishi, T.Umeda ]
Chemical potential response of heavy light meson mass
Christian Hoelbling (abstract) [L. Giusti, Ch. Hoelbling, C. Rebbi ]
Results for the Full and Approximate Neuberger Operator in the Schwinger Model.
Shinichi Horata (abstract) [H.S.Egawa]
Numerical Analysis of the Double Scaling Limit in the IIB Matrix Model
Kent John Hornbostel (abstract) [G. Peter Lepage]
Scale setting for alphas beyond leading order
Kenichi Ishikawa (abstract) [S. Hashimoto, K-I. Ishikawa, T. Onogi, M. Sakamoto, N. Tsutsui, N. Yamada]
Perturbative renormalization of the $\Delta B=2$ four-quark operators in lattice NRQCD
Jiri Jersak (abstract)
Spinons and holons on the lattice
Thomas Joerg (abstract) [Peter Hasenfratz, Simon Hauswirth, Kieran Holland, Ferenc Niedermayer, Urs Wenger.]
Generalized lattice Dirac operators for the parametrization of fixed-point actions in QCD
Frithjof Karsch (23742.) [Attilio Cucchieri and Peter Petreczky]
Electric and Magnetic Screening in Hot SU(2) Gauge Theory
Chuan Liu (abstract)
Scalar and Tensor Glueball on Asymmetric Lattices
Paul Mackenzie (abstract)
Errors as a Function of Computer Time Using Bayes' Formula
Michele Della Morte (abstract) [Roberto Frezzotti Jochen Hetiger Stefan Sint /ALPHA Collaboration]
Non perturbative scaling tests of twisted mass QCD
T. Saito (abstract) [A.Nakamura, S.Sakai]
Study of the anisotropic clover fermion with improved gauge actions.
Dong-Shin Shin (abstract) [N.D. Hari Dass]
Current Status Of the Numerical Simulation of d=3 SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory in the Dual Formulation.
Jan Smit (abstract) [Mischa Salle and Jeroen C. Vink]
Damping and the Inhomogenous Hartree Approximation
Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu (abstract)
Pure SU(3) correlation functions by scale controlled cooling.
Tetsuya Takaishi (abstract) [Ph. de Forcrand]
Simulation of nf=3 QCD by Hybrid Monte Carlo
Sonali Shrikrishna Tamhankar (abstract) [Steven Gottlieb]
Benchmarking MILC code with OpenMP and MPI
Naoya Ukita (abstract) [Hiroto So]
On the impossibility of lattice SUSY construction
Roy James Wensley (abstract) [John Stack]
Monopoles, Vortices and Confinement in SU(3) Lattice Gauge Theory
Tilo Wettig (abstract) [M. Goeckeler, H. Hehl, P.E.L. Rakow, A. Schaefer]
Dirac eigenvalues and the chiral phase transition