We are collecting transparency images of all talks/posters presented at Lattice 2000. Preferably they should be in the postscript format. PDF is also acceptable.

For scanned images, please remember that jpeg is a lossy format and usually more suitable for smooth pictures than for text and line drawings. It is acceptable if the quality is good. Gif is a lossless format and suitable for most uses, but patent rights make it difficult to produce legally. The png format is good but new, and some people may not yet be able to view it. (Newer netscape users can view png that is embedded in a page with the IMG tag, they cannot view standalone png.) Postscript scanned images are usually very space inefficient, and one should always compress/gzip them.

The files should be deposited at the ftp server at IMSc. Do not forget to gzip them, especially if they are scanned images: disk space is not a problem, but both upload and download times to/from India can be considerable. The account name is "lat2k" and the password is "1plaq23". Please make a directory "lastname_firstname" and put all your files there. If the names of your files are not self descriptive, you can include a README in there.

Those interested in the transparencies can pick them up from the same ftp server. (Careful: Most netscape installations do not show updates to ftp pages even if you revisit them; you may need to force a reload or do a shift-reload to see if files have been added/deleted/changed since last visit.) If you are interested in downloading a copy of an entire talk, note that the ftp server allows you to retrieve directory.tar.gz if the directory exists.

The files are also available from the http server at the Los Alamos mirror. In contrast to the ftp server, this does not support auto-generation of .tar.gz file. The mirror is updated only once daily (around 7:30 am mountain time), so check at the main site above for updates since then.

Last modified: 22 September 2000 Tanmoy Bhattacharya

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