August 22, 1998:
Annular Eclipse
in Malaysia

By the Editors of
Sky & Telescope

Annular Eclipse, 1998 Aug. 22

Above: Video images of the 1998 August 22 annular eclipse were broadcast live on the Web from Pulau Dayang, Malaysia. Shown here are four frames spanning the annular phase from beginning to end. Below you'll find a time-lapse sequence assembled from 44 such frames; please be patient while the 495K animated GIF loads into your browser. Courtesy LIVE! Eclipse 98.

The Sun underwent an annular eclipse across parts of Indonesia and Polynesia on Saturday, August 22nd. A much broader region of Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific witnessed a partial eclipse. The following sites attempted to provide live Webcasts of the event:

As has happened during Webcasts of earlier eclipses, many potential viewers around the world were frustrated when they were unable to reach any of the servers. Masami Okyudo, chairman of the LIVE! Eclipse Executive Committee, explains what happened: "The capacity of our image-distribution system could not sufficiently accommodate the huge number of accesses." Yet within hours of the eclipse the Webcast sites had posted downloadable videos and still images, providing quick, if not instant, gratification.

Sky & Telescope assembled the following animation from 44 video frames captured at Pulau Dayang, Malaysia, by the LIVE! Eclipse 98 expedition. The animation runs from 23:30 Universal Time on August 21st, after the beginning of the partial phase, to 01:20 UT on August 22nd, just before the end of the eclipse. The actual elapsed time between frames is 5 minutes during the partial phases and 30 seconds throughout the annular phase.

Solar Eclipse, 1998 Aug. 22

For more information about this eclipse, please see any of the sites listed above or visit Fred Espenak's preview of the event.

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