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Integrated Ph.D. Programme

CHEP participates in the Integrated Ph.D. programme that is run jointly with the Physics department. The minimum qualification for applying is a First class in B.Sc. with Physics as the main subject.

The advertisement, examination, interview procedure, etc. are part of the overall procedure followed by IISc. The admission interview is conducted by a joint Physics/CHEP committee.

Course requirements for CHEP students: 

         First semester               |          Second semester
        ----------------	      |         -----------------
Classical Mechanics             3:0   |  Statistical Mechanics         	3:0
Quantum Mechanics I             3:0   |  Quantum Mechanics II  		3:0
Mathematical Methods of Physics 3:0   |  Electromagnetic Theory         3:0
Fundamentals of Astrophysics    3:0   |  Condensed Matter Physics I     3:0
General Physics Laboratory      0:3   |  Analog, Digital and            1:2
                                      |    Microprocessor Electronics
Workshop Practice               0:1   |  Experiments in Condensed       0:3
                                      |    Matter Physics
 		               -----  |                                -----
             			 16   |                                  18
         Third semester               |          Fourth semester
        ----------------	      |         -----------------
Nuclear and Particle Physics    3:0   |  Project I                      6:0
Quantum Mechanics III           3:0   |  Advanced Mathematical          3:0
Analog and Digital              2:1   |    Methods in Physics
  Electronics Lab                     |  Elective E2 (One or Two)       3:0/6.0
Elective E1 (One)               3:0   |
Seminar course                  1:0   |
Advanced Experiments in         0:4   |
Condensed Matter Physics              |
 		               -----  |                                --------
             			 17   |                                  12/15
		               -----  |                                --------
   Summer term after fourth semester  |
   ---------------------------------  |
Project II                      6:0   |

         Fifth semester               |          Sixth semester
        ----------------	      |         -----------------
Elective E3 (One or None)       3:0/0 |  Elective E2 (One or None)        3:0/0
		               -----  |                                --------
                                  3/0 |                                   3/0
		               -----  |                                --------

The minimum course credit requirement for the IISc Int. Ph.D. programme is 64. The total course credit requirement for CHEP is higher---the list above can go up to 75 credits (because of the extra electives).
Electives (some electives may not be offered every year):
E1: Quantum Field Theory I (3:0),
    Advanced Statistical Physics (3:0),
    Condensed Matter Physics II (3:0).

E2: Quantum Field Theory II (3:0),
    General Relativity and Cosmology (3:0),
    Quantum Statistical Field Theory (3:0),
    Quantum Computation (3:0),
    String Theory (3:0),
    Experimental High Energy Physics (3:0).

E3: The Standard Model of Particle Physics (3:0),
    String Theory II (3:0),
    Collider Physics.

All the electives may not be offered every year. The students have
to choose the electives in consultation with their supervisors.
The supervisor may ask the students to take more electives than
the list above, even after the Comprehensive Exam, as per his/her
needs and interests.
There is no provision for skipping courses, but a student may seek exemption from any course by passing a written test at the beginning of the semester.

The syllabi for the CHEP specific courses appear here.

The project is spread over the fourth semester and the succeeding summer term. The student may continue to work on the same subject with the same guide for his/her Ph.D. research.

Each student will be assigned a Faculty Advisor from Physics/CHEP at the time of joining. For the first two years, however, the student will belong to IISc and not to any particular department. At the end of two years, the student will be officially transferred to the department of his/her project guide. Student intake of CHEP would be limited to two per year (on average).

By the end of the third semester, the students will have to find a research supervisor. If necessary, the student can have a co-supervisor from another department.

After completing two years at IISc (i.e. after completing the project), and before the end of the fifth semester, the students will have to undergo a Comprehensive Exam. The exam will test whether the student has sufficient preparation to begin Ph.D. research. Those who fail the exam will be given another attempt after a few months.

For the students continuing on to Ph.D. research at IISc, there is no requirement of submitting an M.S. thesis. But if a student wants to leave IISc after completing the course work, he/she will have to work on the M.S. thesis that may take up to a year. After completion of the thesis, he/she will be awarded the M.S. degree by IISc.

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