Personal collection of Diptiman Sen

M.J. Ablowitz and A.S. Fokas		Complex variables: introduction and

M. Abramowitz and I.A. Stegun		Handbook of mathematical functions

K.T. Alligood, T.D. Sauer               Chaos: an introduction to dynamical
and J.A. Yorke                          systems

A. Altland and B. Simons		Condensed matter field theory

P.W. Anderson 				Basic notions of condensed matter 

P.W. Anderson 				The theory of superconductivity in the
					high-T_c cuprates

G.B. Arfken and H.J. Weber              Mathematical methods for physicists

N.W. Ashcroft and N.D. Mermin		Solid state physics

A. Auerbach                             Interacting electrons and quantum 

D. Bailin and A. Love			Introduction to gauge field theory

D. Balasubramanian			The mother of all genes and other
					adventures in popular science

R.B. Banks                              Slicing pizzas, racing turtles and
					further adventures in applied maths

J.D. Barrow				Impossibility

E.T. Bell				Men of mathematics

C.M. Bender and S.A. Orszag             Advanced mathematical methods for
					scientists and engineers

V.B. Berestetskii, E.M. Lifshitz	Quantum electrodynamics
and L.P. Pitaevskii

Berkeley Physics Course                 Volumes 1 - 5
(Mechanics, Electricity and magnetism, Waves, Quantum physics, Statistical physics)
H.A. Bethe and R. Jackiw                Intermediate quantum mechanics

J.K. Bhattacharjee                      Statistical physics: equilibrium and
					non-equilibrium aspects

M.L. Boas                               Mathematical methods in the physical

N.E. Bonesteel and L.P. Gorkov          Selected papers of J. Robert Schrieffer

M. Brack and R.K. Bhaduri               Semiclassical physics

S. Budiansky                            If a lion could talk

P.M. Chaikin and T.C. Lubensky	        Principles of condensed matter physics

B.K. Chakrabarti and A. Das 		Quantum annealing and related 
					optimization methods

B.K. Chakrabarti, A. Dutta 		Quantum Ising phases and transitions 
and P. Sen                              in transverse Ising models

S. Chandrasekhar			An introduction to the study of 
					stellar structure

S.J. Chang				Introduction to quantum field theory

S.C. Chapra and R.C. Canale		Numerical methods for engineers

A.R. Choudhuri				The physics of fluids and plasmas

A.R. Choudhuri				Astrophysics for physicists

A.R. Choudhuri				Nature's third cycle

E.M. Chudnovsky and J. Tejada           Macroscopic quantum tunneling of the
					magnetic moment

E.A. Coddington                         An introduction to ordinary 
					differential equations

C. Cohen-Tannoudji, B. Diu		Quantum mechanics, Volumes I and II
and F. Laloe

F.A. Cotton 				Chemical applications of group theory

R.P. Crease and C.C. Mann		The second creation

S. Datta				Electronic transport in mesoscopic

S. Datta				Quantum transport: atom to transistor

S. Datta				Lessons from nanoelectronics

R. Dawkins				The selfish gene

R. Dawkins				Unweaving the rainbow

P.L. DeVries and J.E. Hasbun            A first course in computational physics

P.A.M. Dirac				The principles of quantum mechanics

W. Dunham				The mathematical universe

A. Dutta, G. Aeppli, 			Quantum phase transitions in transverse
B.K. Chakrabarti, U. Divakaran,         field spin models
T.F. Rosenbaum and D. Sen

F. Dyson				From eros to gaia

R. Ehrlich				Why toast lands jelly-side down

K. Ferguson			        Stephen Hawking				

A.L. Fetter and J.D. Walecka		Quantum theory of many-particle systems

R.P. Feynman				QED

R.P. Feynman				Six easy pieces

R.P. Feynman				Statistical mechanics

R.P. Feynman				Surely you're joking, Mr Feynman !

R.P. Feynman				What do you care what other people 
					think ?

R.P. Feynman and A.R. Hibbs  		Quantum mechanics and path integrals

R.P. Feynman, R.B. Leighton 		The Feynman lectures on physics, 
and M. Sands      			Vol. 1 - 3

D. Fomin, S. Genkin and I. Itenberg	Mathematical circles

E. Fradkin				Field theories of condensed matter 

U. Frisch				Turbulence

G. Gamow				Mr Tompkins in paperback

S. Gasiorowicz                          Quantum physics

N. Gershenfeld				The physics of information technology

F. Gieres				Geometry of supersymmetric gauge 

M. Gladwell                             Outliers: the story of success

J. Gleick				Chaos

J. Gleick				Genius

P. Gnadig, G. Honyek and K. Riley	200 puzzling problems in physics

S.J. Gould				Life's grandeur

A.A. Gogolin, A.A. Nersesyan 		Bosonization and strongly correlated
and A.M. Tsvelik			systems

H. Goldstein				Classical mechanics

I.S. Gradshteyn and I.M. Ryzhik         Table of integrals, series and products

B. Greene				The elegant universe

J. Gribbin				Schrodinger's kittens

A. Griffin, D.W. Snoke                  Bose-Einstein condensation
and S. Stringari 

D. Griffiths				Introduction to elementary particles

D.J. Griffiths				Introduction to electrodynamics	

D.J. Griffiths				Introduction to quantum mechanics

J. Gupta				M. N. Saha in historical perspective

D. Halliday, R. Resnick	and J. Walker	Fundamentals of physics

T. Harford				The undercover economist

W.A. Harrison                           Applied quantum mechanics

S. Hawking				Black holes and baby universes

S. Hawking				A brief history of time

P. Hoffman				The man who loved only numbers

D.R. Hofstadter				Godel, Escher, Bach: an eternal 
					golden braid

H. Ibach and H. Luth			Solid-state physics

C. Itzykson and J.-B. Zuber		Quantum field theory

J.D. Jackson                            Classical electrodynamics

J.K. Jain				Composite fermions

S. Jones				The quantum ten

J.V. Jose and E.J. Saletan              Classical dynamics

D. Kahneman				Thinking, fast and slow

J.B. Ketterson and S.N. Song		Superconductivity

B.W. Kernighan and R. Pike		The UNIX programming environment

D. Kleppner and R. Kolenkow             An introduction to mechanics

S.S. Krotov				Aptitude test problems in physics

L. Lamport				LATEX a document preparation system

L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz		Mechanics

L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz		The classical theory of fields

L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz		Quantum mechanics

L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz		Statistical physics, Part 1

L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz		Fluid mechanics

L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz		Theory of elasticity

S.E. Landsburg				The armchair economist

A.F.J. Levi				Appplied quantum mechanics

S.D. Levitt and S.J. Dubner             Freakonomics

S.D. Levitt and S.J. Dubner             Super freakonomics

E.M. Lifshitz and L.P. Pitaevskii	Statistical physics, Part 2

S.-K. Ma				Statistical mechanics

O. Madelung                             Introduction to solid-state theory

G.D. Mahan				Many-particle physics

J. Mathews and R.L. Walker		Mathematical methods of physics

C. McManus                              Right hand, left hand

D.A. McQuarrie                          Quantum chemistry

E. Merzbacher				Quantum mechanics

R. Milner				Charles Darwin

V.V. Mitin, V.A. Kochelap 		Quantum heterostructures
and M.A. Stroscio               	

S. Mukhi and N. Mukunda			Introduction to topology, differential
					geometry and group theory for physicists

P.J. Nahin				When least is best

S. Nasar				A beautiful mind

V. Natarajan				Physics matters

J.W. Negele and H. Orland		Quantum many-particle systems

N. Newbury, M. Newman, J. Ruhl,         Princeton problems in physics
S. Staggs and S. Thorsett
I. Niven, H.S. Zuckerman                An introduction to the theory of numbers
and H.L. Montgomery

G.-L. Oppo, S.M. Barnett,               Quantum dynamics of simple systems
E. Riis and M. Wilkinson 

H.R. Pagels				Perfect symmetry

A. Pais					Subtle is the Lord ...

R.K. Pathria				Statistical mechanics

R. Penrose				Shadows of the mind

M.E. Peskin and D.V. Schroeder          An introduction to quantum field theory

R. Pratap				Getting started with MATLAB

W.H. Press, S.A. Teukolsky,		Numerical recipes in C
W.T. Vellerling and B.P. Flannery	

W.H. Press, S.A. Teukolsky,		Numerical recipes in FORTRAN
W.T. Vellerling and B.P. Flannery	

V.S. Ramachandran and S. Blakeslee      Phantoms in the brain

T.V. Ramakrishnan and C.N.R. Rao	Superconductivity today

N.C. Rana and P.S. Joag                 Classical mechanics

G.S. Ranganath				Mysterious motions and other intriguing
					phenomenon in physics

P. Ramond				Field theory: a modern primer

S. Rao					Field theories of condensed matter 

M. Ridley				Genome

J. Rummel				Robert Oppenheimer

S. Sachdev				Quantum phase transitions

R. Saito, G. Dresselhaus 		Physical properties of carbon nanotubes
and M.S. Dresselhaus 

J.J. Sakurai				Advanced quantum mechanics

J.J. Sakurai				Modern quantum mechanics

L.I. Schiff				Quantum mechanics

U. Schollwock, J. Richter,              Quantum magnetism
D.J.J. Farnell and R.F. Bishop

L.S. Schulman				Techniques and applications of path

F. Schwabl				Quantum mechanics

D. Sengupta				Bigyaner galgolpo

R. Shankar				Principles of quantum mechanics

S. Singh                                Fermat's last theorem

S. Singh				The code book

A. Sommerfeld				Mechanics

H.-J. Stockmann				Quantum chaos an introduction

M. Stone				Bosonization

A. Szabo and N.S. Ostlund		Modern quantum chemistry

V.K. Thankappan			        Quantum mechanics

M. Tinkham				Introduction to superconductivity

M.W. Travers				Morris W. Travers Scientist and Pioneer

A.M. Tsvelik				Quantum field theory in condensed 
					matter physics

G. Venkataraman				The breakthrough

G. Venkataraman				QED: the jewel of physics

G. Venkataraman				What is reality ?

G. Venkataraman				At the speed of light

G. Venkataraman				Chandrasekhar and his limit

G. Venkataraman				Saha and his formula

G. Venkataraman				Bose and his statistics

G. Venkataraman				Bhabha and his magnificient obsessions

S. Vogel				Life's devices

M. K. Verma 			        Introduction to mechanics

M.M. Waldrop				Complexity

M. Waldscmidt, P. Moussa, J.-M. Luck    From number theory to physics
and C. Itzykson

J. Walker				The flying circus of physics

J. Watson				DNA

H.J. Weber and G.B. Arfken              Essential mathematical methods for

S. Weinberg				Gravitation and cosmology

S. Weinberg				The first three minutes

K. Yosida				Theory of magnetism

J.M. Ziman				Principle of the theory of solids

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