Sudhir Vempati

Associate Professor                                                                                                                                   Phone : + 91 (80) 2293 2543  
Centre for High Energy Physics                                                                                                             Fax : + 91 (80)  2360  0085
Indian Institute of Science       
Bangalore 560 012                                          

Home:  DV 003, IISc Vijnanapura Campus, Off New BEL Road, Bangalore 560 094.   Phone : + 91 (80) 2351 8777

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                                        I  mainly work in the field " Physics  Beyond the Standard Model " of Elementary Particle                                                                        Physics .  I try to build extensions of  the Standard Model which can accomodate solutions
Research Interests          to problems like hierarchy problem, non-zero neutrino masses,  dark matter, baryogenesis ,
                                       leptogenesis,  cosmological constant or dark energy,  flavour mixing  etc. The frameworks     
                                       I work are mostly supersymmetry, supergravity,  extra dimensions  and Grand Unified theories.        
                                       In addition to model building, I am also interested in the theoretical aspects of these frameworks
                                                   like Renormalisation group properties etc.

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The other part of my work deals with studying the phenomenological signatures
of various models mostly based on supersymmetry.  For a long time I have been
concentrating on the flavour  singnatures of  leptons and quarks - both in the
neutral and in the charged sector.  In the recent times  I am mostly interested                                  SUSEFLAV
in studying the complementarity between the "three roads to SUSY " : flavour,
dark matter and direct searches at LHC.  I have been building various numerical
programs and some tools  towards this extent and hopefully some of these will
be made public soon.

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