CHEP Journal Club

CHEP Journal Club

V1 (upto July 2010):
The aim of the journal club is to report/discuss recent papers in various journals/archives. It is held every alternate wednesday at 15:30 in the CHEP Lecture Hall (Lecture Hall 3 in the Physical Sciences building).
V2 (since July 2010):
(1) Every Member of CHEP is a member of the Journal Club by default. This holds for faculty, students and postdocs.
(2) Every Member is expected to make a presentation according to the schedule drawn up from the alphabetical list of the Members.
(3) In case, the scheduled person is unable to make a presentation, there will be *no* Journal Club that Wednesday.
(4) If anyone would like to present a journal club on any other day convenient to them, they should contact Gauhar/Sudhir. So please check your dates on the webpage.
(5) Once you choose a paper, please send your title and abstract to us, so that we can announce it on the webpage as well as send a broadcast e-mail.
(6) The talks will be informal with the duration anything between half an hour to one hour.

2011 Schedule

Date Speaker Title or arxiv no
03.08.11Gauhar Abbas
10.08.11Nirmalendu Acharya
17.08.11B. Ananthanarayan
24.08.11 Nitin Chandra
31.08.11 Sandeep Chatterjee
07.09.11 Debtosh Choudhury
14.09.11 Shouvik Datta
21.09.11 Justin David
28.09.11 Sumit Garg
05.10.11 Rohini M Godbole
12.10.11 Senti Imsong
19.10.11 Abhishek Iyer
26.10.11 Gaurav Mendiratta
02.11.11 Kirtimaan Mohan
09.11.11V. Suryanarayana Mummidi
16.11.11 J Pasupathy
23.11.11 Apoorva Patel
30.11.11 Monalisa Patra
07.12.11 Abhishek Sadhukhan
14.12.11Diptiman Sen
21.12.11 Abhiram Soori
28.12.11 Rahul Srivatsava
04.01.12 Somyadip Thakur
11.01.12 Manisha Thakurathi
18.01.12 Arun Prasath V
25.01.12 Sachindeo Vaidya
01.02.12Sudhir Vempati

2010 Schedule

Date Speaker Title or arxiv no
28.04.10Poonam Mehta (RRI) Some interesting aspects of cosmic neutrinos from core collapse Supernovae endowed with mildly relativistic jets
09.07.10Gauhar Abbas arXiv:0907.0926
21.07.10B. Ananthanarayan arXiv: 0912.5016 Tetraquarks at BELLE
28.07.10 Nitin Chandra Introduction to Double Special Relativity, gr-qc : 0210063, gr-qc : 001205, gr-qc: 0207049
04.08.10 Sandeep Chatterjee Relativistic Thermodynamics in an invariant energy scale set up, arXiv: 0908.0413, 1002.0192
06.08.10Nirmalendu Acharya Finite Temperature Field theory in Moyal Plane, arXiv : 0907.0905
11.08.10 Debtosh Choudhury Anti-neutrino to electron anti-neutrino, arXiv: 1007.1150
18.08.10 N. D. Hari Dass CPT and Other symmetries in String/M theory, hep-th/0409209
25.08.10 Justin David Black holes and universality classes of critical points. arXiv: 0801.2785 (PRL 100: 171606, 2008)
01.09.10 Sumit Garg The New Minimal Supersymmetric SO(10) GUT (arXiv: 0807:0917)
08.09.10 Senti Imsong The mass of eta_b (arXiv :0905:4296)
15.09.10 Monalisa Patra Baryon and Lepton Numbers as Local Gauge Symmetries ( arXiv:1002.1754)
22.09.10 Barilang Mawlong Determination of the CP-violating phase $\phi_s$ in $B^0_s \to J/\psi \phi$ decays at LHCb (arXiv: 1006.1041 )
06.10.10 Basudha Misra Key Measurements of LHCb, arXiv: 0912:4179
15.10.10 Kirtimaan Mohan A brief review of the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model of QCD
22.10.10 Abhishek Iyer Constraints on dark matter from colliders
27.09.10 Gaurav Mendiratta Gravitational interactions as Entropic forces
03.11.10 Abhishek Sadhukhan Coupling constant dependence in the entropy of black D3 branes calculated in Superconformomal field theory(SCFT) and in string frame action with AdS background.
11.11.10 Apoorva Patel Coherent wave energy transport in photosynthesis: Physics meets biology
18.11.10Diptiman Sen Quantum critical Ising chain: first experimental evidence for E_8 symmetry ?
24.11.10Abhiram Soori Persistent Currents in Mesoscopic Rings
02.12.10Rahul Srivatsava Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays and GZK Cutoff
08.12.10V. Suryanarayana Left-right Symmetry at LHC
15.12.10Somyadip Thakur arXiv:0906.5044 [hep-th] Hydrodynamics with Triangle Anomalies
19.01.11Arun Prasath arXiv:0907.2352 [hep-ph] Charge Symmetry at the partonic level
09.02.11Sudhir Vempati Aspects of four generations

2009 Talks

Date Speaker Title or arxiv no
10.02.09Sandeep ChatterjeeIntroduction to Heavy Ion Collisions
16.04.09Gauhar Abbas Combining K0-K0 and D0-D0 physics.arXiv:0903.2118[hep-ph]
08.07.09Ankur Sharma (IISER, Pune) Dark Matter: Pamela and Fermi Experiments

2008 Talks

Date Speaker Title or arxiv no
05.03.08Justin DavidIntegrable spin chains in N=4 Yang-Mills
12.03.08J. PasupathyStochastic Reduction and Quantum Measurement problem
10.04.08B. AnanthanarayanReport on arXiv:0803.4008
23.06.08S. VempatiarXiv:0804.1753 [hep-ph]
07.07.08P. N. PanditaHiggs Physics Beyond MSSM
11.07.08Kriti Ashok and Gauhar AbbasRecent advances in B-physics
10.09.08B. Ananthanarayan Historic LHC talk: vistas in particle physics
15.10.08N. D. Haridass Nobel Prize talk: Yoichiro Nambu - the seer of modern physics.
05.11.08Gauhar Abbas Daredevils of Particle Physics: Cabibbo Kobayashi and Maskawa
20.11.08Akin Wingerter Has New Physics Been Discovered at CDF? : Part I
26.11.08Akin Wingerter Has New Physics Been Discovered at CDF? : Part II
08.12.08Apoorva PatelBound states of top quarks and the Higgs Boson

2007 Talks

Date Speaker Title or arxiv no
12.09.07Sudhir VempatiSupersymmetry and Higgs
23.08.07Alka UpadhyayBlack Holes at LHC
03.08.07Achal Agrawal Measurement based Quantum Computing
27.07.07Kshitij GargQuantum Entanglement at Belle
28.06.07Sudhansu Biswal Evidence for D^0-\bar{D}^0 mixing
01.06.07J. Pasupathy Unparticle Physics
14.05.07B. AnanthanarayanResults from Mini Boone

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