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Centre for High Energy Physics

Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru-560012

The Centre for High Energy Physics at the Indian Institute of Science is dedicated to research in the field of elementary particle physics and quantum field theory. It has a highly accomplished world class faculty trained in these subjects.

Research is carried out in the fields of standard model physics at high precision, beyond the standard model scenarios based on theoretical consistency and with the aim of uncovering novel effects at ongoing and future experiments, analysis of properties of matter under extreme conditions and revealing them in computational studies, mathematical aspects of quantum field theory in various settings such as string theory as well as non-commutative physics, applications of methods developed in quantum theory in diverse settings such as condensed matter physics as well as quantum computing, and most recently, analysis of ongoing experimental results at the CMS experiment at CERN.

The Centre has a highly developed teaching programme of its own, training students at the research level. It also jointly conducts the Int. Ph. D. programme with the Department of Physics, and participates in the activities of the Undergraduate programme of IISc. The Centre has an active visitors programme that encourages scholars from around the country and the world to visit and collaborate with the members of the Centre. The members of the Centre also carry out in-house activities such as seminars, journal clubs and other discussion fora, and organize topical conferences and workshops. In addition, they frequently lecture at national and international schools, and travel extensively to centres of excellence across the world to carry out collaborative work and to present their research results.


Contact :

Phone : +91-80-2293-2266; 2293-2474

Fax : (CHEP) +91-80-2360-0106; (IISc) +91-80-2360-0683; 2360-0085

E-mail : userid @iisc.ac.in

E-mail(Chair) : chair.chep@iisc.ac.in

E-mail(Office) : office.chep@iisc.ac.in

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/chep.iisc

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