Apoorva D Patel

Research Interests:
  • Lattice gauge theories
  • Renormalisation group
  • Light-front QCD
  • Quark-gluon plasma
  • Quantum computation
  • Languages of genes and proteins
  • Black hole thermodynamics

In case you want to get a better idea of what I do, have a look at my list of publications.

Here is my video lecture course, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, as part of the NPTEL programme.

My work on genetic languages has received wide publicity.

Selected Talks:

QCD: Computation: Life:
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My Students:
My Ph.D. pedigree can be found here.

My Wikipedia page is here.
My page in the Silver Jubilee Reunion Book, Class of 1980, IIT Bombay, is here.

You can inspect my personal book collection here.

Information to contact me at home is here.

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Last modified: 14 August 2014